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This album features four music sessions, each featuring three songs performed by the Harvest Church worship teams, designed to assist in praise and worship.

The music is uplifting and tuneful and has a strong, current sound with songs that are both well-performed and sincere. There are some interesting new and some traditional inspirational songs of praise, all featuring unusual instrumentation, lively percussion and excellent arrangements and lyrics.

Deeper Cyan

Deeper Cyan

Five sessions, 12 tracks, all providing ideal musical worship for everyday life. Performed by the Harvest Church worship teams.

Session 1: contemporary inspirational music of praise and worship, with beautiful vocals, harmony and backing, instilling a sense of peace and joy in equal measure.

Session 2: a combination of unusual edgy rhythms, interesting instrumentals and warm & moving vocals.

Session 3: Gentle & melodious traditional praise & worship.

Session 4: current sound with sincere, melodious performance. Lovely, uplifting listening.

Session 5: Glorious instrumental arrangements with plenty of light and shade.  Provides the Ideal atmosphere for peaceful contemplation.


Great God -Mark J Scholtz

Mark J Scholtz - Great God

A collection of 10 contemporary tracks, featuring Mark Scholtz on vocals and acoustic guitar with additional guitar, bass, keyboard, cello and vocal backing.

Some are up-tempo, others quiet and gentle, all beautifully-performed and eminently listenable.

Music from the Heart - Andrew GreefAndrew Greeff - Music from the Heart

Andrew Greeff performs all the music on this album and has also composed much of it. Not only is this really beautiful music, but it stirs the heart and soul in extraordinary ways. Each track is, in effect, a prayer in music. All ten tracks are excellent in this respect, but Entering is particularly moving and the arrangement of Amazing Grace is truly amazing.

Music From The Heart is superb in every way and especially in the way it moves and uplifts you


Deeper Live Deeper LIVE


If you haven’t worshipped in a while, this wonderful ‘live’ recording of the Harvest Christian Church congregation will make you long to do so. Your heart will be filled with emotion, joy and peace. All 13 tracks are performed with great sincerity and warmth.


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